Friday, May 15, 2015

No Water Marble with Handpainted accents make for a perfect rainbow springtime mani!

Neon Rainbow Marble Nails! - No Water needed Nail Art Tutorial

Here is a very hot design where you need speed and practice but it is so worth it! Here is how I practice below. The key to everything is having fun. Having fun with this allows you to laugh at mistakes, forgive yourself and move to the next design. You need a client willing to be your test subject and laughs with you! Always ask your favorite clients if they would like to do that for you and give them extra time for free while you practice and tell them you work for  tips if your time is incredibly stretched because of kids. For example you could say "It costs me 10 dollars an hour for the baby sitter....would you be willing to pay that so we can practice something fun on your nails? . The kindest clients dont mind and if they have it, you can have your baby sitter and your practice time in! Have a great time painting and see ya back with more!


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