Friday, May 22, 2015

Here is a wonderful Hawaiian Vacation Getaway Nail Art Design even If you never leave the baby pool!!

Nail Art Tutorial | Tropical Nails | Hawaiian Sunset & Palm Tree Nail Design

Here is the perfect hawaiian design. You can use any mix of blues you like and any black polish for the tips. the fun in this design is the trees and the sharpie pen extras!! Remember to use very thin paint by adding water to make the trees and to have fun!

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 Nail Art Tutorial | Sharpie Nails !!! | Hibiscus Sea Turtle Nail Design

 Here is a way (in a sea of ways) to create art on nails without as many problems. I saw that people were breaking open sharpies to create techniques and had to begin my techique I have been using to so many years that has helped me save time before you crack that pen open!!! Try this first and when its almost out of ink, THEN crack it open and sponge away! Have fun drawing and making beauty on your nails!



Robin Moses


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