Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Black Lace Mint Mani | DIY Hand Painted Nail Art Design Tutorial

Black Lace Mint Mani | DIY Hand Painted Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Show Me if you try this Black lace design done with beautiful Mint
polish in honor of Taliajoy18 and her wish to create an event each July
to ensure her legacy of giving joy to those with cancer through art and
make up. I mixed many of my lace designs (see them in the elegant
playlist) to combined them in this 2nd design I have made for Talia.
They require very inexpensive products and a creative spirit! Please try
this free hand, experience doing art for yourself or another and see
how different it feels when you get it down and do a great job! If you
are just a beginner or want to advance your education in your career as a
nail tech, these designs will keep your clients happy, coming back on
time and laughing with you! Please do a Talia #glamwars nail Design and have fun with this elegant and perfect for summer nail art Tutorial. Tag your design #taliasmintmani #mintmani #mintmanisfortalia
and see to see what YOU can do to spread awareness and
help find a cure for childrens cancer. Share it on links below, Id love
to see!!
Polish used +Laura MG +Nicoleta MadamGlam  #caribbeanisland

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