Friday, July 1, 2016

Summer Nail Art Trends 2016: Spotlight Nails!

Hi everyone!
People ask me all the time what I feel the trends are and are not. Do I like stiletto nails, duckfoot nails, aquarium nails, etc. I have to say I pass on most of them. I DO buy things I think I will love once IF I can afford it because over time you see so much stuff come and go and you begin to know what stays. I also am very aware of what doesnt. I am also very aware of what will keep my clients happy. So, without much more to say, I will say spotlight nails is a trend I have named and I am sticking to it. I like them. They use no more polish than usual...The spots that get most messed up on your clients don't get touched with this trend. You dont fall behind on time with your clients. You can do this effectively and without much thought or trying to find 40 different things to create a 'look'. That trend? "spotlight nails" it is a center gradient that creates a spotlight effect and then you can do a design over the top. Soon everyone will be stamping over it and it won't be as pretty out in the internets, but for is a lovely trend that allows you to create a glow without having to spend 40.00 on a product discontinued next monday. It allows you to create ideas in your head of what you want to spotlight without companies coming in and stealing them for ersatz renditions of your perfectly spot-lit? is that a word........? It is now! Haha! Spotlit nail art. So enjoy while it lasts, I hope it isnt oversaturated by Christmas. I have a few Ideas. Have fun painting!

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