Friday, July 8, 2016

Pink Diva No water Drag Marble; marbling nails design tutorial in black and white.

No Water Needed - Pink Diva DIY Drag Marble nail art Tutorial

Here is a Diva No Water Marble design done in Barbie Pink Polish! The color Most present in this design is OPI's new True Neon collection and in all of the designs you see "precisely pink" played out over black and white nail swirling; aka drag marbling; aka dragmarble; aka no water marble. In the old days they called it nail swirling but its hard to come up in searches I guess so I am doing my best. :D This technique is perfect for nail art beginners or old school professionals who want to add something extra to their career by advancing their education in hand painted nail designs. Please share this tutorial, this design with your manicurist, your nail tech, your sister, your family, share this design with your friends, anyone you want to do this with who will make you laugh and have fun with it! Have a great weekend!
Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D


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