Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Finding Dory Nail Art

Finding Dory Nails | Mint Mani 2016 Nail Art Design Tutorial
 Hello Nail Artists!

It is that time again and here are my "Finding Dory" nail design done with mint pigments over a Dazzledry blue fantasy and going in with the foil glue that you can find on Ebay for next to nothing. Here the Idea is just to introduce the Mint Mani for July in a very special way. 

For the month of July I encourage you and other nail artists to do a mint manicure and hashtag it #mintmani #glamwars #taliaslegacy #angelsfortalia #taliajoy18 and any others you find along your path that will help raise awareness for childrens cancer. My story is simple...I was with my mother when she passed away from cancer and to know children suffer with this disease changed my life. To know Talia Joy was a fan of mine and to know I was a fan of hers after her passing hurt my heart and I had wished I had done more. I mean, I can do ANY nail design right? The ones in july are as special as I can make them now. If not only because they are from the heart, they are real and true to me and what I hold dear. Her family is a CONTINUAL powerhouse of energy, going to hospitals year around, being there for so many to make them smile and feel pretty. It is my duty as a human on this earth to help where I can and in that, I feel happy. I feel joy. My motto before was I was learning to swim. Now, I "keep swimming" and she taught me that I had become a swimmer and I will never feel go backwards. She brought to my life more than I can say and so I do my July nail designs in her honor as much as possible. Please tell your stories and keep hashtagging until we find a cure for this horrible disease and I will see you out there in the sea, swimming. :D My love and respect



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