Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Elegant DIY White Wedding nails Hand Painted Nail art | Wedding Nailart Design Tuto...

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Hello! Found in the Elegant and the Wedding nail playlist, here is a
beautiful white swirl nail art design done by hand painting. If you cant
afford stamps, stampers, stamping polish or do not have access, try
this. practice hand painted nail art. You can succeed with patience and
practice. I have done this design and black and wanted to show how
completely different it looks on white. How it can go from gothic and
smokey to the most perfect wedding nails imaginable. This is done so
inexpensively and it only needs craft paint and a brush. I have created
the brushes you need for all of the 1,300 tutorials I have and It is a
brush I had cut for myself for 20 years before I found we NEEDED them to
have a great classroom here. They have been so successful and I make
them as inexpensive as possible because I want your success. So give it a
try and show me on my instagram by tagging me. If you copy please say
inspired by robin moses so others can find and learn their favorite
tutorials and if you see a stamp made of this design, please do not buy
it. Stamp companies are stealing designs from us and profiting on our
art. Mine is copyrighted and I could spend my life in court but I'd
rather share art with you .....and if we call the companies on their
theft, it wont happen to you or me or anyone we know! Our sisterhood
here is growing and turning into something beautiful. We do not need
luxuries....we choose them. You can quote me on that. :D I upload every
Monday, Wednesday and friday! Please subscribe, comment, thumbs up and
do all you can to support this channel and lets keep growing our skills
and love for art!!!!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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sharing who inspires you.
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