Monday, September 18, 2017

Halloween Nails! DIY Dripping Neon Green Slime Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Hello! Can you believe it's season 7 of me doing handpainted halloween nail art for you guys? This dripping goo that also can work for blood drips or any kind of drip you like was my first tutorial on youtube so I thought I would revisit it with shorter nails in a fun way! I am back from new york and am inspired to make art again! Please share this video and comment and subscribe. Hit the bell for updates when you subscribe and join me! I do all i do to teach new artists the tools you need for success doing hand painted art for nails. If your clients come in and want a little, its good to have this in your toolbox of knowledge!!! If you are just doing this for fun, that makes me so happy....and work very hard to make this a comfortable space that is humble and fun and everyone is welcome, so just come in and have a great time :D I do what I do in a real life setting in my shop that i own. A handful of clients let me film them and I share the art aspect of nails that I have learned over a 28 year nail career :D I might not be what anyone would think is 'best', but .............i have never had to promote myself for a clientele...My book has been full and with a waiting list for so many years and I bring this to you because I KNOW there is a desire for this type of art and you can succeed, so dont give up! I love you guys! Leave comments with what you want to see me paint! thumbs up the most desired so I can see them!
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