Friday, September 15, 2017

Play with Glow in the Dark Pigment Nails! Fun DIY Nail Art Design Tutorial

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This design was to be a back to school chalkboard nails design but I got
behind when I was called to go to New York for fashion week!!! There is
so much to say but I had been doing projects for fashion week but never
thought they would invite me to attend! The theme was to make nails
glow, so Lauren at wildflowersnails sent me the powders as she was on
the CND team and I made a few glo in the dark (and under black light)
nails for back to school and halloween (more to come) but, I immediately
dropped everything and said YES when CND asked me to join them for the
experience and I had the most incredible time. It is HARD work first let
me say. I am covered in bruises and scratches from running and fixing
and moving faster than I am used to. LOL.
I went to 2 shows.... One was for Libertine, where I had 2 designs in
the show and the second show I was at was the Blonds where I had 3
designs but at the last minute they only used 2 which made me However, with the team, we all worked together to create
most EVERY look and so what you see me posting is something I mighta
added a little magic here and there :D:D !!!. I am hoping to merge more
with CND so you can meet the team and get to know them and their
specialties but that takes time so if you want to see this (which I
would think would be amazing and so helpful to you guys) tag @cndworld
and ask them to add me to the team..... I am trying to do all of this so
girls who are really struggling can see for themselves that you can do
this thing and take it as far as you can dream it!
I started so poor and worked so hard for so many years and I never gave
up honing my craft. My part on this team was the flat nail art. (of
course! LOL) and each girl had their own gift to add. In todays world it
is hard to share a huge idea.....let alone a simple like or anything at
all anymore because of ads and because everyone has something to sell,
but I promise you when I say that the sisterhood at the top of our game
are kind women. I didnt know what to expect, but they are real and
genuine. Their love for art is not fake. I felt no competition and if I
did, it was slight. I clearly saw where my strength and flaws were and
now am on a path to just try and be a more balanced person as I learn
every day what gives me peace. Im writing this today because I wanted
you to know that this is late but it is perfectly on time. The show
glowed. David and Phillipe Blond are incredible and the crafts they have
honed made me cry. I literally saw the clothing before it was on the
models and burst into tears from the beauty. I met paris hilton and
countless bloggers, photographers and wonderful artists from around the
world. Models that were 6ft 6 and so thin they looked like they were
made of glass. Cameras do not do them justice. They are another species
of human and I was surrounded by a team who never lost one beat. Never
had one slip. It was a flawless dance and I was so honored to be there.
So today, I bring you my Glow and hope you have a wonderful weekend. I
am going to sleep for about 48 hours now. LOL Have a great weekend!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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