Friday, September 22, 2017

Romantic Diva Nails | Pink Roses and Lace Cut Out Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Good Morning Divas! Please share this video and lets amp up my cannnel
for halloween and we can all get those halloween nails did up! Up today
is the opposite of halloween but would slay any romantic costume! Here
is a pink and black peek a boo lace nail art must have! A floral and
negative space nail art design using pink nails with black lace covered
in filigree and accented by a lush nude nails and a bouquet of puffy gel
topped pink roses hand painted on long nails! I couldnt quit drooling
LOL!!!!This design can also go on short nails but I was inspired. I used
puffy gel by wildflowernails online and they are pretty cool if you
have a light for gel. if you do not, follow like normal and go over with
a black polish or a clear polish. both polishes will pop the black out
and make it look 3d! These are perfect romantic nails using the sheer
black matte and lace I have done for years and mixing it into the cut
out design I have been doing for forever. You can search geometric nails
by robin moses and lace designs by robin moses and mix and match them
to create a 1000 looks for this design! Please subscribe, share,
comment, join and I will see you back with more!!!
I dont have perfect lighting or music and my voice is in real time.
Here, I work in my own salon on my own clients and show you that you CAN
earn a living doing nails and sharing what you do online while laughing
and making perfect mistakes to take you to the next level in your
professional career as a nail tech, as a mom who makes money painting
nails, as a sister, friend or professional educator who wants that edge.
It is easy to stamp. I love stamps. Stamping is like making posters and
freehand nail art is like making paintings. Both deserve credit for
making the world a beautiful place full of color and happiness. Nail art
allows me to escape and it brings me joy and I want to bring that joy
to serious viewers who want to learn. I am not perfect. I do not claim
to try and become perfect. I love what I do. I find tons of women who do
not love what they do or they spend so much money trying to "keep up"
with these trends that just cannot ever make you a decent living in this
profession. So, please make yourself comfortable and look around all of
my playlists and get a feel of all you can learn and try...practice and
patience will get you to your goals! Please subscribe for new videos
every monday, wednesday and friday! Take a deep breath, rewind and LEARN
nail art! Its so much fun! :D

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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