Friday, March 2, 2018

Spring Floral Diva Nails 2018 | Amazing Green with Red Flower Nail Art D...

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Firstly, PLEASE SHARE THIS. Youtube is becoming so hard that I am afraid
I might have to quit unless you help me get these out. I am depending
on US...the free hand nail artists to bond together and keep our dreams
alive! I have faith and am not giving up if you dont and just share
share share....Up today is a beautiful spring diva nail design for long
nails that is done on a polish I made from basic green. Details below!
It is topped by red flowers on a french and gold filigree that melts
into the army olive green and creates the most peaceful, beautiful
spring design that is perfect for the coming flowers and can be done on
long nails or short....It doesnt seem like it, but its also great for
beginner nail artists! The BEST thing about this design is that it cost
less than one penny to create it and you can practice this design until
you can have it and NO ONE can take it from you. Now for the polish
details! I added a couple drops of bright cheap orange polish by wet
and wild and wetnwild white polish added for thickness...only 2 drops!!
This turns bright green into a more army green. If your green polish is
too vibrant, add orange ( or a red but BE CAREFUL) and expect to have
some flaws the first few times and shake shake shake!!! I added a drop
of white because it was still translucent. I would make a video on it,
but I don't know how to get the angle correct on my cameras while I
work. Until my videos are shared, I have to go at it alone, so please
share and spread the word and I will have more time to make more
comprehensive videos for you.

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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