Wednesday, November 10, 2010

acrylic medium; to use or not to use

i was asked tonight if i used acrylic medium in my paints. acrylic medium is a clear gel that allows the acrylic paint that i paint with to not dry so is really a great product for people who paint slowly.....

i live in oregon and paint doesnt dry up very fast, in fact, it will stay workable all day long. in nevada, however, i sometimes DO have to use a bit off medium in my paint when i am doing very small portrait type of need your paint pliable and workable and nevada is just just very unforgiving with acrylic paint. you put it on the palette and it is DRY!!!

so, it depends on your climate. if you are finding every single thing you are doing is drying up, either water down your paints a little or try a medium...its very inexpensive and might help a lot for slower painters....if you do use them, realize that when it does dry it might get a little 'rubbery' and some of your paintings might 'peel' ....if you find this happening, it might be the medium......thank you so much for the great question and i hope this helps anyone trying to decide whether or not to try a medium :) have a great night


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