Wednesday, November 17, 2010

what top coat do i use

i am a creature of habit. when something works, i stay near it. for years i went through 25 different top coats that promised not to chip or yellow or that dry fast and stay durable. none lived up to their claims. after looking and looking, i found PRO-FINISH UV topcoat.

it is thick and lasts over my nail art.  for different people, it might be too much ~or not enough depending on what you are doing!!!...but for what "I" do, this seems to be the superior product. it doesnt yellow or crack, it is thick and gives a very beautiful shine that lasts and protects all that i  paint for up to a month! no one EVER comes in and has their top coat popped off or cracked....EVER.

i have heard about gel top coats that i am interested in for portrait work, but i havent tried yet. i will give more details when i test gel top coat out :) until then, it is PRO-FINISH UV top coat. it works with the UV light that cures the top coat in 6 minutes (BUT IT  DRIES UNDER A REGULAR LIGHT BULB OVER A LONGER AMOUNT OF TIME) with very few dings. :) hope this helps you guys :)


  1. Hi can I mention you on my blog please? Your nail art is fantastic! xx

  2. purple fairy, yesss! please do! i am only one voice and you help me so much by passing my name as much as you can! thank you so much :) xoxooxoxoxox

  3. where can you buy the pro finish uv top coat and how much does it cost?

  4. Hi Robin! I just saw that you mentioned that it takes 6 minutes to dry... Do you cure it for six minutes in the UV lamp or you just wait 3 minutes before cure and then cure it for 3 minutes?