Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a couple of sites to get the supplies you should have.

hello everyone!

so, i contacted my favoritest seller on ebay and asked i could use their name and they said i could. i buy lots of things from a seller called "papi" on ebay. they always ship fast and have never gotten my order wrong and are in US...i buy lots of things in hong kong too, but that takes a couple of weeks and i havent contacted them yet....however, papi also gave me their websites.



they told me that their supplier for foil glue is still out, but asap they will have more available and to keep checking!

(if you mention me, i get 10% off...my first discount due to my nail fabulousity..hahahahahahah!!!!!!) i hope this helps a little!


  1. Do you know why nail polish (even like OPI and other nice ones) will sometimes split/crack like a desert but doesn't peel off? It just cracks and stays there on your nails!

  2. right!! with pigments, it does it more...but, i find that when you put thinner coats......and a good top coat, it happens LESS.....(read about pigments in the question above) but, i think it has to do with the top drying and the underneath staying wet and drying slower and it causes it to crack ......or it has to do with heat and cold..i notice it happens more in the summer.....what i do is make my nail polish coats very thin, use a good top coat and it hardly ever happens.....and with pigments, it happens, but it 'settles' and goes back down and the cracks actually disappear..hahahaha weird i know!!