Sunday, November 7, 2010

a question about pigments

question: I have been looking on ebay at the pigments and just wondered what you thought of the pigments from china/hong kong..are they any good??


answer: what i like......are will see what i mean..the thicker, shinier pigments will 'crack up' more...some do not go back to 'flat' the "silkier" the texture.....and the finer the grain will give you a more flawless grad...ient and also crack up less with the top coat......remember to wait a bit and it should all settle back is some kind of small chemical reaction where just happens and sometimes it doesnt...but, dont give up because once you get the feel of it, it really is worth the effect to keep going. good luck!!!! i would test each new pigment on yourself first and topcoat it and see what happens to each pigment individually on with your topcoat...some topcoats make the pigments crack more than others.......but!!! never fear..i am also going to do SO MANY tutorials on gradients etc without pigments..i just wanted to really show pigments in action for halloween!~~~~

and martine, i am going to post this comment on my blog so others can view the answer :):) thank you for asking such a good one!!! if i havent answered enough..please feel free to keep asking :) i will do my best to answer!!

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