Monday, June 13, 2016

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No Water Needed - Marble nail art Tutorial
Here is a no water done in rainbow colors. A technique that once learned is endless with its possibilities. I am posting this today for support and with love to the families affected in Orlando. In the city, I worked in a salon that became one of the first beauty salons that was created and catered to gay and lesbians in Las Vegas. During that time, I saw the intense struggle. The intense hatred and constant internal and external fight most had to go through to live their lives. I learned how absolutely abhorrent people act toward a community of people so full of love.  I learned so much in my experience working in that shop and I was so sad to leave that shop. Some of my happiest memories and most lessons learned happened there. I think of my friends, my family, my life and my heart goes out to Orlando today and I cannot take away one ounce of pain, but I can hope my love is felt somewhere and shared in place of the hatred and we can built up our world, not tear it apart.



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