Friday, June 17, 2016

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DIY Neon Spotlight Nails | Summer Nail Art Design Tutorial

Hello Everyone!
Here is a spotlight nail art design tutorial that you can do easily with practice. It is a sponge technique and is a design that can have many flaws and be fixed easily. This is a nail design perfect for clients who love bright and wild designs that are also simple enough to go with everything. I call designs like these 'stars' because they work and shine for anyone, anywhere. They are special. So, try them and show me! Here I used neon purple, neon pink, neon yellow. The neon yellow actually lifts the pink into orange and creates a rainbow nail effect but without the added layers. the sponge makes them dry quickly and effortlessly while you do the geometric work on top. I am happy to present you today with "spotlight nails" and will see you back with more this summer as I am making it one of my nail trends for 2016. Love and respect.

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