Friday, June 10, 2016

42 Daisy Nail Art Designs in my New Daisies Playlist up on Youtube! "daisy nails" "spring nails 2016" "nail art for spring" "daisy designs"

DIY Daisy Nails | Easy Daisies Nail Art Design Tutorial

Here is a new playlist full of over forty different nail art designs incorporating daisies. From beginner dot daisies or "dotticures" and advanced daisy designs for weddings and formal events, this playlist allows to to learn this beautiful flower in so many different ways that you never get bored. Each design is as unique as the wearer and there is no end to the limitless possibilities of this spring time favorite! Please share and spread the word! join me on instagram @robinmosesnailart and on my fanpage at   Robin Moses Nail Art 
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