Friday, June 24, 2016

How to fix a nail design when your client does not need a fill? "fixing nail art" "changing designs" "how to fix nails"

DIY Easy Hot Pink Nail Art Design | Summer Nails With Crystals Tutorial

Hello everyone!
I did a black and pink nail design with swarovski crystals and black filigree that as awesome, however, my client was finding it snagging on her work clothes! I had to fix it. so, I taped myself doing it and i uploaded it for you to learn! See what I did and know you can fix your clients up fast and make them happy! 

So, keeping on time with your clients and making them happy is always number one. This ensures you do that and with time to spare. My client who waited for this to get done was still on time and my other client got fixed in a jiffy! Please spread the word and subscribe to my channel for new nail art first ever Monday, Wednesday and Friday! 

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