Friday, June 3, 2016

Tie Dye Nail Art! "tie dye nails" "watercolor nails" "spring nails 2016" "summer nails 2016" "hippy nail art"

DIY Tie Dye Rasta Watercolor Nails | Fun Hippie Nail Art Design Tutorial
Here is a super cute tie dye nail art design that I used watercolor for but you can substitute acrylic paint for the watercolor and just use your favorite colors but remember, more water! this design is based on letting the water create part of the design for you so  your paint has to be very thin. It is both versatile and fun, both hippy and trendy. It can go to an outdoor concert in the middle of the summer or any fun party where you want to stand out. I have been doing these nails as long as I can remember and had them done like this on my toes to see the Grateful Dead in 1992!!!  Its been a favorite among all my clients and the way you mix your colors are endless ideas that never stop forming and evolving. Have FUN painting this design and dont worry about failing.....tie dye is like clouds, none are imperfect.

show me on my instagram if you try them....@robinmosesnailart

Robin Moses :D 

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