Sunday, July 16, 2017

AMAZING WEDDING NAILS for Brides | DIY Formal Nail Art Designs - Full Tu...

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You need the best wedding ideas ever in the whole world and want to paint them yourself or take them to a tech to get your dream wedding nails so you stand out on your big night? Take these design to them or to a family member to create your perfect design to your special night no matter what the occasion? This is a playlist dedicated to brides and bridesmaids, formal Prom Nails, Wedding Nail Art, Special occasion Nail Designs for black tie events, formal occasions of ALL KINDS and all in Full Length tutorials that teach you step by step. Please take this playlist to your nail tech, your friends, your family and practice getting your nails perfect while having fun a beginner at nail art or to learn a career in nails! Get education while having fun and so easy because you can rewind. My hope is that you can build joy from wearing pretty nails created by you or someone you love! Find me in the links below!

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PLEASE Support all NAIL ARTISTS on Youtube. Shout out the name of whoever inspires your tutorials when you copy! Showing love for inspirational nail artists only adds to your popularity and gives the beautiful, creative people out there more confidence in nail art & creates nail art careers and education in the nail art community! So please share, give credit and have fun painting nails! Let me teach you Magic!!

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