Friday, July 14, 2017

Silver and Black Flower Nails | Elegant Floral Nail Art Design Tutorial

I did it! I was so scared I wouldnt have an upload for awhile. I have about 20 new videos to edit and I am behind, but I want to say that i am excited to get the new designs up! I just need to find a few extra minutes to work on the computer! For those wondering, my kitchen is gutted and I am working on a huge project to show you my art (the reason I started youtube) so I have been very busy! I am off to work on dry-wall, so please share this video and help me spread the word to those who want to learn and help me pass this art to the next generation of nail artists!!! #nailart #nails #blackandsilver #howto #diy #elegant #naildesign #silverflowers #weddingnails

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