Thursday, July 6, 2017

The GREATEST Nail Art Portraits in the World 2017 2018

 Up for today is a plethora of off-kilter and best nail art portraits in the world found in the Playlist here
 Best Nail Art Portraits in the world. Learn how
WARNING: I don't want to do portraits of A list celebrities and become the nail tech that painted _______ or whoever. I just want to teach young girls who have nothing. In fact, the video above isn't mine but one that Aesop Rock did for his Uncluded collab with Kimya Dawson. I use and abuse techniques for endless months of mindfuckery and creativity expansion from beginner to your last days if you are looking to learn miniature art so if you havent heard of me, check out
 My Channel of over 1400 designs to help you become successful for free.

 So...............I guess people have been disputing my name AGAIN. Let me be clear...  in school I WAS Robin Fitzgerald but it was never legal. I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. All through high school until I graduated in 1987. My mother was ill and gave me an illegal last name from kindergarten on up. She thought my biological father was a serial killer and was going to kill us. I was forced by the wonderful Nevada school system to be called "robin moses" at the last minute before I graduated. When Robin Moses was called out and no one clapped or even knew who I was   is just another example of how life pushes some down and keeps them invisible while lifting others and shining light on them for no reason I can understand in this life. Life isnt fair, but you dont have to make that your TRUTH forever.... This was a desolate time and just ANOTHER reason why creating choices for girls who are young and need help is so important to me. I grew up without a family, a home, and too many fathers to list......All alcoholics. All abusive mentally, physically and emotionally and no mentors until later in life.
Facebook is evil, watched by MANY countries and can silence you at any time. They do it to me every day to some degree and I don't even care anymore, but these people from decades ago speaking about a Robin Fitzgerald.....never knew her and she is awesome; a true survivor. She is a holder of so many seeds that she kept so close to her for so long that they began to grow under her skin and she couldn't do anything else but plant herself down and begin to til the soil, bear fruit to help the next generation. Everyone is so quick to say what they know... I spent decades escaping. Trying to find a way out of myself and help me--- for ME., by me....I did it!---- and I feel pretty good now.
The fact is, I was born Moses.
After graduation and have everything Fitzgerald sealed and signed in triplicate and burned. If father number #3243 comes out of the woodwork to spew his regrets about how horrible of a person he was....well, he was.
They were.
All of them were horrible people with no excuses but that doesn't stop me from trying to be the change I want to see for our future.

Robin Moses
To all the sweeties on facebook......You can read this out to all of your middle-aged troll friends who think they are still at senior prom and you can go buy pigs blood and plan a coup de etat. I will be waiting.

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