Sunday, July 16, 2017

No Water Needed - Drag Marble Nail Art - Marbling, Dry Marble Flame Nail...

Subscribe to my channel here:  Do you want the water marble effect but you can't get it to work right? Try this drymarble or dry marble technique instead and see if its easier! This drag marble is a technique that once you master you never forget it. Create beautiful no water marbled looks that dry fast, keep you on time with your clients, allow you to fix mistakes easily and keep you learning and growing as a nail artist. I have been making drag marble or No water Marble designs for over 20 years!! So if you are a beginner or a licensed career nail tech who teaches nail art education, you can do it so please don't give up! I hope you enjoy yourself and please share this playlist with your nail school, your instructors, your clients, friends and family or whoever you feel it will inspire and who will love this nail art technique! Have fun painting! Try them and Show Me on my instagram:

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PLEASE Support all NAIL ARTISTS on Youtube. Shout out the name of whoever inspires your tutorials when you copy! Showing love for inspirational nail artists only adds to your popularity and gives the beautiful, creative people out there more confidence in nail art & creates nail art careers and education in the nail art community! So please share, give credit and have fun painting nails! Let me teach you Magic!!

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