Monday, July 17, 2017

Ombre Holo Glitter with Flowers Nails | Easy Nail Art Design Tutorial

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EVERYONE!!!!! I have been beyond busy, But I am getting caught up! Here
is a ombre gradient glitter design I did from a class I taught in
Portland with lauren from wildflowers using pink, lime and lavender
glitters by! top it with hand painted flowers with
my brushes haha! for a perfect summer or spring look that makes it to
where you cant quit looking at your nails! Have fun painting your ombre
gradient nails using inexpensive materials and having fun while you
work, please share this with someone who wants to learn art and make
nail art their career or is in school! I do these tutorials as a mentor
for those who are on a fixed income and need help, so please help me
find them!!! xoxoxo

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