Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Christmas Holly with Bows and Snowflake Tips! Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Hello Everyone! Today I have another requested design! I have Holly, Red bows and white Snowflakes on the tips! (long term viewers and friends, read this through!) I got request for shorter nails and ideas that are easy that can be combined on tips and I think this was a pretty perfect Idea and I ran with it! It explains everything but if you find you would like more detail this is where THIS tutorial is perfect. I have so many other tutorials on these things that you can search robin moses holly or robin moses snowflakes if you feel you need more instruction! This design can be done for pennies and I didnt use any stones or high cost materials to get this look, it is all done with craft paint and then topped with a matte topcoat! I have a favor to ask of those who watch AND read my descriptions. Can you please tell the brands I do use about the tutorials I am doing? I never tell Dazzledry, or anyone if I use their stuff in a video and If you are linked up with them, I'd love for you to pass the word, especially on your favorites. I know they would love it, But I forget which materials I use and I don't go back and watch them after I edit because it gives me self doubt, so your help would be amazing. Also, for those who have read this far......I wanted a few T-shirts with my logo and I got extra and they are up in my store! If you love my channel and watch all the time, I say this here so those reading will be able to get one. I don't know if i will have them always, but for now they are up on my store and if you get one, it will make me smile because I know some would LOVE one. I think it would be a great gift but I am a weirdo about making sure I cater mostly to those wanting to learn, not sell you something that doesn't help you guys a I am telling you guys kinda quiet because I don't know if i'd want to do this all the time :) Have a wonderful merry Christmas painting these wonderful hand painted french tips and I send you all my love!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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