Friday, December 8, 2017

Old Fashioned Christmas Angel Nails with White Snowflakes Nail Art Design

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Hello everyone, Happy Friday!!!!--- and here is another request! Keep an eye out for more! Today lets paint an elegant, old fashioned, almost victorian Christmas angel nail design!!! This xmas nail art is perfect for the holiday alone or in a theme or surrounded by poinsettias, or holly or lights. Today mine is done on a dark teal with crystal white snowflakes and holographic glitters that pop and catch the light but in a very subtle and calm way, this angel is a technique and is not the easiest to paint at first which is why i put it on such small nails. I wanted to show you how if you practice, you can get her on there and do this and DONT BE SCARED!! TRY HER!! I love taking requests during this time of year and this was so much fun for me. This is more of an old fashioned angel that is done very simply yet will look like a tree topper. I did this design for pennies but you could add as much bling as you wanted to create over the top beautiful angels for your nails this xmas. My goal is to reach those who want to learn this season so share this video with anyone who loves angels and thumbs up, comment and support my channel! This week I will have some Tshirts up (as so many of you guys requested!) at my store where you can get brushes and other stuff, so keep an eye out. I do not sell anything you NEED to do this nail art technique, in the FAQ playlist you can cut your own brushes but using mine is much easier to understand and if you can afford them, I would invest in them, for me...I would be bummed without them, they make teaching so much easier and I spent a long time creating them to be perfect for these videos. So, please get one if you found me and want to learn!!! Merry Christmas and I hope you guys are having fun painting this beautiful xmas angel!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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