Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Night Before Christmas Nails 2017 | Hand Painted Santa and Reindeer Nail...

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Hello Wednesday!!!!! Up NEW for Christmas nails 2017 is another request!! Keep them coming! I can do a few more requests this year!
I tried MY BEST to describe in detail how fast and easy can be with practice. Be nail art warriors and do not fear this nail art design idea, jump in and own it! How do you paint a Night before Xmas Santa and all of his reindeer going across the sky on nails? Learn HERE!! A snow covered cabin nestled in trees, this cute little house waiting for Santa Claus! All we see the is the silhouette of Santa and reindeer flying over a big, full moon on Christmas eve with an array of trees and snow and glitters that catch the lights and could stand alone as a Holiday design for Christmas Parties or Holiday Dinner and is a hand grabber! I cannot do this alone and I do not base my channel on products that get sent to me for payment because most of them do not work and its not fair to those who cannot afford them. I use products that cost pennies and most  any design you create from my channel is VERY inexpensive to learn. Any product you have that matches mine a bit and you LOVE it will work unless I absolutely think you need a specific product to paint more easily more easily. My goal is to give you help to let you learn as fast as you can while having as much fun as you can with your clients and friends. I use all craft store paints and brushes I CREATED FOR THIS CHANNEL.....What I use is what I sell..its not better than anything you can get. If you see questions in the comments, please help me answer. Share your work with me and if you copy, always say #inspiredbyrobinmoses wherever you post so not only can I see them, but you also share that you are part of the sharing community. The wonderful big-hearted side of our community that IS growing every day. #sisterhoodofnailart also is a tag that follows this line of thought and allows you to be you, flaws and all.... so ask questions and help to give answers from women who care and want your success and MOST important to support me in this huge undertaking....Please share this and all of your favorite designs with friends and family, This alone gets my videos out and then it gets the word out...which to me is most important and will help so many struggling because they don't think they are good enough or can afford what they need to make magic on nails....Let's get to them!!!! This is  huge ramble this morning but well worth every word! *i love you guys and I hope you feel it because its true!!!* xoxoxoxo

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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