Monday, December 4, 2017

Unicorn Christmas Nails | Diva Nail Art Design Tutorial 2017

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Hello! Are you ready for some #christmasunicorn nails!!! These unicorn Christmas nails are
the bomg and lets pop off christmas 2017  with a long nailed diva design
with xmas unicorns! A christmas unicorn surrounded by holly, winter
white hand painted snowflakes over super easy gradient holo gliter
nails, pine cones topped with holo glitter, chevron rose gold and dark
red with holographic glitter tinsel, garland and snow, and of course
lets top that off with drag marble christmas trees and cover it all in
swarovski crystals for the perfect diva christmas 2017! It was so much
fun to paint and seriously, you CAN do this design if you take it on one
nail at a time and keep rewinding!!! Links to my brushes are above this
paragraph and are ten dollars and less and the other materials I used
are pennies!!! Please try them and show me! Tag me on instagram and have
fun painting your nails! Happy holiday, Merry christmas and WORK IT

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)
 Get the perfect #dragmarble tree covered in crystals and stars!
 Jump in and just do one nail with crystals and pearls over white snowflakes and holographic glitter or
 Add in your christmas unicorn and holly. Add pine cones and trees and snow capped garland sprinkled in holo glitter to catch the lights just perfect for the holiday season!

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