Monday, December 11, 2017

Silver Bells Nail Art ! Amazing Request for Christmas Nails! Detailed, Plea...

Hello! Here is a Silver Bells on Christmas Red Polish and red 2mm Nail Art Half Pearls! A highly requested design that I would like to discuss here for a minute. PLEASE READ to those who really want to learn this. I did the basics for this design so that you can learn COMPLETELY. I thought about this a lot and didn't make an over the top design for them before because they are tricky. If I did, I might confuse more than teach so I am starting here, with the barest of necessities for this beautiful Xmas Silver bell Nail design. I kept the other nails simple with holly and spirals of gold. It is best to try doing these bells on darker colors to begin with. Being a beginner and using light materials makes them look like alien plants, which is AWESOME if you want that look but bells have to be perfect ....So, let me begin. This design as is will only cost you a penny to recreate. It is skill and practice with this one. If you get this down and you have your bells shaped nicely then the fun begins. Here is what I add to mine. I add: filigree TO THE BELL!!!, glitters, chrome pigments that i smudge on over elite 99, the gel I find works best with flat nail art on polish that doesnt peel or lift as much as the others. I topcoat with gel when I do gel accents on any design. You can also mix the Silver Chrome powder with clear topcoat for an in-between type of bling for them. I add, TONS of ribbons Usually...In greens, Golds and Reds....I didnt want to scare you guys because it LOOKS so hard and even though it isn't, I want you try them! I go more into details with fir tree needles, holly and other accoutrements that add to the Christmas feel that is warm and full of life. I add glitters of all different colors in the background and gradiate them. I sometimes have used foil over the bell with foil glue. THIS WORKS GREAT and when it cracks, just fill them with glitter for wonderful bell effects~!!!! try the the little extras and dont spent your most expensive materials until you feel good getting the shape of the bell down, it will make it way easier later. If you are a nail tech, I would hate to see you lose time and upset clients, so practice this before you create them for appointments. I hope I got all of this extra xmas knowledge out of the way and if you glam up a bell, please say #inspiredbyrobinmoses and show me on instagram...Please blog it, shout it out and get girls who want the truth here with me to begin their journey with you guys or for you guys! I am finding more and more that I KNOW my most sincere path and my strengths in helping YOU. Follow me and you will see how much isn't real online but an escape into bling!..... and although beautiful, won't last and your business will suffer. I am hoping to do this with grace and kindness because I try to escape reality too, but I really, truly want success for anyone who want to truly learn this art of hand painting nails for Christmas. I love you guys. As always...share with the best and come back for more every Monday. Wednesday and Friday!

On a weird note. as of 12/10/2017 my brushes are low but my order should be here any day. I have enough liners I think but my striping brushes are low so If you are getting someone them for Xmas, order NOW lol, I want you to know now that if i run out, you will have to wait for striping brushes a couple of weeks. I apologize for this and try not to let this happen but I am adding tshirts and am on a budget so I did my best! No matter what, you WILL be able to get all brushes like normal in a few weeks and there are still enough wands/liner brushes I use most, so don't be scared to order, I got this!!! xoxoxoxo
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