Friday, January 5, 2018

Amazing Happy Accident while Sponging Nails! Winter Nail Art Surprises!

Please read.
Happy accidents are what make nail art beyond fun and give true joy
while creating. At first, I was scared of running with them, but here,
you will see how if you go with it, it works out and adds to your hand
painted nail art designs EVERY time. It continually shocks me when an
accident jumps out and becomes the win of the design and the feeling
that comes with it like magic that just makes it way into
your day and makes your time creating full of wonder of what happy
accident will happen next. In honor of all of the snow, I introduce a
new technique I have been doing for years. I have been very scared of
sharing new techniques because they are stolen by brands who capitalize
on you. They take your money and say their way is 'better' but I am here
to say today that it is a lie. They want your money and this can be
done for pennies and happy accidents are GIFTS to YOU that give you more
than any money can. They create wisdom and self confidence. Please
THINK about who you are buying from and listening to and what they
REALLY want as they share these very expensive techniques that leave no
margin for accidents that are the centerpiece for joy in our careers.
Never discount YOUR worth and YOUR gifts. They are boundless. I have SO
MANY bottles and baggies and organizers and JUNK that just collects dust
after 2 or 3 tries and 20.00 later, never to be used again because it
never really added to my life....It just took from my wallet. I am going
to be discussing this, how my career started and how it is moving
towards a path I am becoming aware of and so proud of because now I am
in charge of myself here. I was so scared of this social media thing,
but I needed to teach this to those of you who want to learn and dont
have a ton of money or someone to support your dreams. I thought "help"
was what I needed, but NOW I know it was confidence and courage to speak
the truth. You don't need fancy things marketed to you with smiling
faces that stop smiling when they have made the sale. The time for that
to stop in my life is NOW. I am welcoming you to a realer, stronger
version of me. I lost it when I lost my father, but recently I found it
when I saw tons of smiling faces turn, leave and without the guts to say
goodbye, thank you or speak THEIR truth.....and they have all the money
in the world. Irony. Without further ado, Enjoy and spread the word
because this is going to get fun.

Oh...and my brushes are in route and will be here Monday. If you are
waiting to order....they will be here. I make very little money on them.
I make them to create our classroom of truth full of an army of women
seeking a higher standard for themselves and our community that is the
BACKBONE of our industry that continues misdefining what beauty truly
is. I love you guys and to me, anyone struggling to create goals and
practicing and finding joy within to make beauty IS beauty. You can
quote me... Have fun painting, it is a journey of self mastery that

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D, Warrior for truth, Believer in TRUE beauty. (Hail
to the N.A.W.!!!)

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