Friday, January 19, 2018

Glow in the Dark Diva | A Fiercely Romantic 2018 Valentine's day Nail Art Design

SUBSCRIBE here: BRUSHES here: (My Worldwide Shopify Store online) click here: for picture of the glowing (the best I could get!) Hello and Up for Friday is a beautifully romantic long nail design with Silver Filigree over Lavender tips! Not only is this a fun design to paint, it also glows in the dark!!! LOL So!!!!-- if you are out, you are sure to get your hands grabbed. A huge thank you to Laura Judd for the beautiful vintage stones for this design. I am so in love with them and am blessed to have gotten such a lovely gift. Okay.... The Glow in the dark is extra, not needed and I couldnt film it well, was so much fun to add for a little extra! Even on the most subtle and elegant design gives an edge that is fierce and gives you a bit of a wow factor. Under black lights, these GLOW for real, I just couldnt get a good picture! Please try it, share it and show me by hashtagging me #inspiredbyrobinmoses wherever you post it so I can see! I love you guys and have fun painting! Happy Valentine's Day! (This will be in the Diva playlist) Love, Robin Moses The Nail Art Wizard Ph.D My Facebook Page: My Pinterest: Robin Moses Instagram: Robin Moses Blog: Get The Nail Art brushes I created for my tutorials worldwide Or get posters

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