Monday, January 1, 2018


I'ts a new year and I am ready to have fun. My new year resolution is
not to let anyone manipulate what I love to do. I am going to teach more
and ask you to shout me out for it because it deserves to be said, I
will not lead you down techniques that are ridiculous in order to get
more views. I will not encourage you to spend tons of money because a
company paid me to....,I am going to laugh more and not care about
anything but my health and well being As nail techs, we are not afforded
vacations or time off without juggling clients and paying a huge price.
I am here to say that nail art done by hand saves your sanity and today
is a new beginning. I am going to have fun so today I have a hilarious
snow man fight filled with piles of snowballs and snowmen getting hit
and blasting each other while we were all out buying Christmas presents!
Hahahahahah Happy new year everyone. I ask you to share my channel,
share it to everyone you know who loves to laugh and wants to learn a
new, healthy hobby for 2018!!! I love you guys! Show me by tagging me #inspiredbyrobinmoses on instagram!

Robin Moses
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