Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Tiffany Blue Nails with Hanging Flower Garden Nail Art Design Tutorial

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Hello! Up today is a beautiful holo tiffany blue with hanging gardens of white flowers, perfect Valentine's day nails for if you don't want traditional, but you love romance. This is a romantic design and the colors merged with the floral design pattern of black and white make it so romantic and perfect to wear jewelry with. You could use diamond rhinestones or opalescent stones to make this design pop too if you wanted to invest in extras! For me, I will always keep it somewhat simple and inexpensive so those wishing to know the basics can learn! I love doing these types of designs, where colors can be the mood to fit occasions and the design is an enhancement to a perfect set of nails polished perfectly! Please tag me #inspiredbyrobinmoses if you try them on instagram so I can see and as always, my brushes are stocked and available worldwide at the link above!

Robin Moses
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