Monday, January 15, 2018

YES! Help for Chrome Fails! | Magic Imagination Stretching Nail Art Tech...

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Hello! If you dont use Gels all of the time and you watch tons of videos
and each looks perfect and yours bend, wrinkle peel and crack, fear
not! This design and technique for fixing chrome fails and adding
elements of design here and there to cover up your mistakes while saving
tons of time and money! I have over 20 other designs with chrome
pigments done in weird ways and are i feel in my heart are essential
for those of you guys who want to follow trends and are struggling but
know you cant commit fully because of other career factors. I was so
busy for so many years and so much got sold to me and I never used it. I
can't keep up with each product fully and keep my cliends HAPPY, they
NEED consistency as much as I do in my products and chrome is tricky. I
cant go back and forth from gel to natural to acrylic.....There are so
many reasons why this doesnt work, but time is number 1. The chemical
compounds interact differently for EVERY base coat (which i dont use,
ever....) every polish and every topcoat and every nail tech is
different and most use basecoats, so you see??? It has to be stable. The
chromes are all pretty much the same. Some give more mirror shine than
others but most lose a percentage upon top coating unless you use THEIR
SYSTEM. So, if you are going to do chrome in your career and not much
else, you CAN make a living and do well, but this is just an extra video
for you, not the best one. This is for the Jacks of all trades! LOL
Once you master the technique of chrome, its really about the chemicals
around it that keep you motivated and moving forward. An open mind and
heart is the answer and never fear trends, but know as much as you can
and you will stay pretty happy! Always remember trends change and you
can use the powder for other art later.... (more to come on that) I had
to find a voice before I could do this kind of thing. I just paint flat
nail art. Its what i love....I know there is a market and lots of brands
wanting me to test it but, after all the time i say spend less and
laugh more.....SPEND LESS AND LAUGH MORE!!!!....and my clients love
trends, SO we laugh and have fun with them. We have to come to
agreements and pinky swear on trends not taking control of their lives.
LOL. I hope this helps you. It was a huge blow when chrome was
discovered and out of the woodwork and everyone claimed it. My personal
story is that I had been trying to create a non-cracking chrome for
years, like everyone else. I had tons of glues I was testing (see my hot
nail playlist) and the chemicals just were not reacting right..the
glues were wrong and gel was the answer. I did cry. It killed my heart. I
wished I knew chemists and creators and could show them all I saw
but....the trend is waning already which makes me sad and relieved that
someone got to live their dream and i could relax my mind a bit. I
really mean that.....So now I just move forward and offer you this! and?
It's free to watch and maybe you will learn something fun...So, I feel
great about that. ....Without further ado, here is an idea to fix your
chromes on any level and make your clients happy! Enjoy, share and join
me but mostly, have fun painting your nails.

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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 Yay! Chrome Hack for Nails! Magic Imagination Stretching Nail Art Techniques
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