Monday, January 29, 2018

Red Hot Lava Heart Nails! Valentine's Day Nail Art Design Tutorial 2018

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Read WISDOM below if you have problems with Valentine clients.
Some clients HATE hearts....They wont wear anything pink, red and fluffy....This client wont even model for me here unless I take off the design and repaint her before she leaves. She would rather wear NOTHING than heart nails...
So, I decided to film the truth. I said to her..."I have the most beautiful Valentine's nail design ever, PLEASE let me film you!" ----MOST WOULD KILL FOR THAT, RIGHT? lol.....and she said ......................"Dude......NO!"
So, what do you do?
In the world of being (or wanting to become) a nail tech, this IS what REALLY happens!!! EVEN TO ME! Don't let it bother you or let others fool you. When you are new and in a shop, this happens over and over and over. You think it might be you-- or that they hate your painting. But, you will remember THIS and say ah! omg, robin was right!!!! and have SOLUTIONS...because IT ISNT YOU. In the shop, racing against the clock and making clients happy takes center stage. Perfect days full clients just waiting in line patiently to wear what everyone else did 5 years ago is a lie.
I WISH it were true.
It's so fun to paint but its not requested ENOUGH to pay your bills!!! So, you must BEND..... Here, I make hearts wearable and UNIQUE for my client while staying on time.. A holo silver and red glitter bomb with black hearts in acrylic craft paint for a darker kick....Its done for pennies. She is happy and doesnt want to kill me. That is my job so I WIN!! HA! This is perfect for HER.... heart lava!!!! ...This isnt anti-valentines day but anti REGULAR! You cannot mess up this design either. It is made to look imperfect and you can be yourself,  have fun with your clients while on time!  I try my best to give you the TRUTH and paint the designs my clients REALLY WEAR out of the shop. These designs have saved me in my career and continue to evolve....DONT GO BACKWARDS.  I bring these techniques and information to you, not stolen or pretending like its NEW or easy ! But to help you, to fill your minds with the thirst to want MORE.... for those who HEAR me and use the experience I am sharing so you can become extremely successful. BE the trend, don't steal it or buy it from me or ANYONE ....... We are mothers, sisters, daughters, sages......We should be sharing and growing and evolving and embracing each other...Each year I see more theft, more posing the same designs with better cameras and less truth LOL ......We need truth to learn. Without truth, clients will be unhappy and our jobs suffer......So those reading say "hail to the naw" so I know I didn't waste my time typing this. LOL.... All those who hear me and do their best will become the B

EST nail artists because you can bend your mind to make clients happy and lift your sisters who help you. IF I HELP YOU, LIFT ME and see me help more and see our industry THRIVE.....Steal and lie and see our industry suffer and be made fun of.
I do what I do because I LOVE the next generation of nail techs and if you can get my words to anyone willing to learn the essentials , Please do. It will make the world nicer and we can continue to have fun painting nails! Keeping it real and full of truth and magic. Wizard out.

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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