Monday, March 19, 2018

CUTE Spring Honey Bee Nails 2018! | Bumblebee 3d Drip Nail Art Design

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Up for Monday! 3d Honey drips dripping down off of a french manicure and
sprinkled with bumblebees! You can do this with gel or polish
(technique in video) and create this wonderful spring honey bee design
for 2018 that is so cute and fun! I do detailed videos that say a lot,
but teach so much and will make you faster, more confident your nails
will last and have peace of mind knowing your clients will be happen. I
have seen many designs online that are gorgeous but I know they simply
cannot last. They are for a night out, not for long term designs from a
shop. If you are having problems and your clients arent growing, this is
why so please spread the word...I count on your guys and you MUST watch
and learn through technique description ....I do this for free for YOUR

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we need to fill our shops with good techs. I need you to get these to
those who need to learn most because its through YOU that i find new
artists who want to learn. Artists who could help you some day. You
never know when you will need time off and you want to have great and
friendly nail artists around you to take over so you can get the time
off you deserve. This takes collaboration, trust and friendship. Our
industry does not promote this and I paid huge prices and could only
take off 5 days to have my daughter! Clients are hard to keep and my
teaching is from the heart and helps with your success long term. NO one
can take these skills and wisdom from you once you work to achieve them
and its through practice and patience. Dont believe the hype of videos
that arent in depth or are promoting products more than they are
teaching. It cant get you to the top of your game. I hope you have a
wonderful day, spring is coming and I feel awesome, so get your
paintbrushes ready!!!!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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