Friday, March 30, 2018

Easy Hand Painted Tie Dye Nail Art! | Spring Neon Nails Design

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Easter is early this year and so I come in under the wire for you to get
your bright neon tie dye nail art on and SHINE! Spring is here and
everything is blooming. This design is so fun, easy and NO ONE can do
the same design, so it is all yours! Please show me, thank me and shout
me out if you try them by hash-tagging me @robinmosesnailart #inspiredbyrobinmoses!!!
It is right to do, gets our names out and helps US grow as a community.
Hand painted nail art has been hard in our industry. I still don't
really fit in, but it is getting so much more fun and seeing our
community grow gives me the joy I was missing for so many years of my
career. Seeing your work inspires me to teach you more of my techniques
for your success, but I need your support. So help me help you. Even if
its finding an idea on a day you aren't feeling artistic!! We are
pioneers of free hand nail art!!! Each time you try this tie-dye design,
you learn how to control your brushes more and more. You gain speed
which allows you to get more clients and make more money without
spending tons of money on products you don't need. I send this off with
hope that you are reading this and if you have any questions ask them on
the day I upload designs. I answer all I can in the comment section!!! I
love you guys and want your success so bad and I want success of this
type of art and I want success in knowing I helped all I could with
someone struggling and made it a bit easier for them. Let's keep it
alive and thriving!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

p.s. Please keep our community friendly and full of joy by always
sharing who inspires you.
Here is how:
TAG ME: #Inspiredbyrobinmoses everywhere you show your copy of my designs.
SHOW ME: @robinmosesnailart on instagram

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