Friday, March 23, 2018

Picasso Nails 2018 | Neon Abstract Picasso Nail Art Design Tutorial Best yet!

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Lips and eyes and Neon OH MY! Up NEW is my Neon Picasso Nail Art design
#5 for 2018. I have done this design four other times. Search robin
moses picasso to see the others and see how many directions you can take
this. Please say #inspiredbyrobinmoses
if you copy and share this tutorial. My goal is to get good artists in
every shop with the tools they need to do any design inexpensively and
quickly so they can make more money, relax and have more fun and create a
family of clientele that assures a wonderful career in our industry. No
one ever offered that help to me and for my entire career people have
asked where they can get art done like this and I have had to turn them
away. Please know that this art takes patience and practice but YOU CAN
DO IT. Its just steps and rewinding. I have all the hard work done for
you and it is up to you to perfect this nail art and you will never have
to worry. Your art will be in demand and no matter what trends happen,
you are prepared and have extras that glam up, glitter up, jazz up, make
elegant or throw down the most fierce diva nails you can think up. I
want that for you...Please spread the word, there are tons of nail shops
and enough clients to be busy forever. I love you guys and need your
help because without you, this art will die and be lost and that makes
me sad because its so much fun and has afforded me a life I never
dreamed of and its allowed me to become one of the best in my field and
meet so many beautiful people in every area of my life. Until next
time!!!! Have fun painting your nails!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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