Monday, March 12, 2018

Peaceful Blue Water Nail Art Tutorial | Easy Watercolor Yoga Nails Design

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As I was writing this I got a text saying these are Guru's favorite
nails ever! Everywhere she goes people are staring at her nails and she
loves it! So cool! Up for Monday, a simple and peaceful blue water color
nail art design. This nail art is easy and so inexpensive that you can
practice forever and never get tired or run out of money before you
learn! A great nail design for beginners! I used acrylic paints I bought
from Michael's craft store, but you can use watercolors too if you
haven't invested in craft paints yet. Its a blend of sky blue and ocean
blue and lots of water. Its so peaceful in real life that it kind of
puts you in a trance. They stand out and I kept noticing them when I
finished and she was talking with her hands. The holographic silver
glitter just catches the lights enough to enhance this design and blend
all of the swirls together for an aquatic, marine look that I cant quite
describe except it makes me want to just relax, breathe and take it
easy! Keep it in your queue for times you need time off, if a client is
going on vacation (add a starfish or some sea grass!) or for retreats or
if you are huge into yoga, omg ...amazing yoga nails! This design is
perfect for any calm and quiet time alone when you want to feel
beautiful. Found in the elegant nail playlist because it doesn't quite
fit anywhere else....this nail designs elegance is ethereal instead of
labored. #peace :D haha!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)
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