Wednesday, March 14, 2018

White Wedding Nails 2018 | Elegant Bride French Tip Nail Art Design and more

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Hello! I didnt know where to put this design so I show it today. It is a
nail striping tutorial using a french white tip, white striping and
silver chrome pigment polka dots to substitute the mirror chrome for
gems or crystals. You can do this nail design for weddings or any
formal, elegant event. The best thing about this design is that it goes
with everything. Stripes keep you going because even those who are
scared of too much nail art will try stripes. This design is perfect as
an accent nail or with jewels put on it, but I wanted to show you
elegance doesnt have to cost a fortune. I beg you all to share your
favorite designs and paint stripes with me! Without your sharing, I
cannot do this...So share and have fun! This is the kind of tutorial I
love and it can be made with any color combo!

Robin Moses
Nail Art Wizard Ph.D (Hail to the N.A.W.!!!)

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