Monday, August 1, 2016

Easy Diagonal DIVA Striped Nail Art | DIY Hand Painted Stripe Design Tutorial

 Subscribe to my channel here:  Show Me if you try this mint mani done with hand painted stripes using my striping brush! You can get them at title your email: brush info! and I will be sending them myself internationally! If you are a beginner trying to learn how to use a striping brush or are a career nail technician who wants to extend your education and learn the art of free hand nail art, join me and try this mint manicure for long Nails on yourself, or do this Design on your friends or clients with this Tutorial! If you do, tag them #mintmanifortalia and go to to learn more on how to help or how to get your mani seen while helping to raise awareness for children with cancer! Share your work on links below!

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