Monday, August 8, 2016

Long Black and White Animal Print with Gold Foil! Brushes info at: #nailart #nailsart #diynailart #design #tutorial #nails #naildesign #howto #nailarts #DIY #DIYnails #easynails #diva #divanails #2chainz #trapsuit #imdifferent

DIY Diva Nail Art Design Tutorial | Fierce Animal print Nails

Subscribe to my channel here:  Show Me if you try this fierce Diva animal print nail art design laced in gold bling and black and white print on long, white nails. With a chromed out gold foil and stripes, it was inspired by the #trapsuit in the "I'm Different" video by 2 chainz and is one of my favorite divalicious tutorials. Both for beginners practicing their striping techniques (striping brush info below) to the professional nail tech who wants more education in hand painted Nail Designs to enhance their careers and improve their clientele and income, this tutorial will get you skills up! No matter what you do, have fun with this design and really have fun with free hand designs, they save money and you can never run out of ideas or be afraid of your clients asking you to do things you are afraid to do. This design isnt an expensive design to do, it just takes practice and patience and tons of swag and knowing what is on fleek at all times! haha! Try them and use this diva nail Tutorial, if you it to 2 chainz by posting this video in his facebook or instagram.....If you try them show ME because i want to see what you guys are doing, so share it on links below!

brushes for this tutorial can be found here: for now until my stores up and running and i am selling them myself and will deliver international. email me with the title "brush info" and i will give you all the information you need! *love and respect*

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Brushes info at: #nailart #nailsart #diynailart #design #tutorial #nails #naildesign #howto #nailarts #DIY #DIYnails #easynails #diva #divanails #2chainz #trapsuit #imdifferent +2ChainzVEVO

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