Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Easy DIY DOT French Mani | Teal Sands Dotticure Nail Art Design Tutorial

Using imperfect dots creates this design and the more unique, the easier and the more beautiful this design gets! the link to the tutorial is here::

 Teal Sands! Brushes info at:

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Subscribe to my channel here:  Show Me if you try this older design called Teal Sands done very simple with teal, mint lavender and purple dots! I am redoing the nail video here because I love it that much. It is a classic take on the chevron french mani and the dotticure or using dots to create a gradient effect without using tools. This design is so fun to do if you are a beginner or if you are a career nail tech who wants more education in free hand painted Nail Art! A wonderful summer Design, Perfect for bridesmaids, outdoor events or a vacation! This design will be found in the cute and spring playlist so please try this super fun and easy DIY nail Tutorial! Share it on links below!

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