Friday, August 12, 2016

Neon Water Marble Nails without the water! Cool Dry Drag Marble Nail Art Technique!

No Water Needed - HOT DIY Neon Marble Flames nail art Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here: Hello! Here is a HOT DIY neon flame no water marble Nail Design done on black nails using the drymarble, dry marble, drag marble technique that is both for professional nail artists who work in salons and want to further their education in nail art, but is easy enough for the beginner who is a creative soul who wants to paint their friends, family and anyone who will sit for them! I LOVE this tutorial and have so many no water marble nails designs with a playlist full of over 50 different dragmarble Tutorials! Please try them, and let me see! Share your no water marble nails on links below!

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