Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Super Bright DIY Tropical Sunset Nails with Essie Neons summer 2016

Subscribe to my channel here:  Here is a super hot Neon Tropical Hawaiian Vacation Nail Design with Hula Girls and Flamingos in silhouette that is guaranteed to glow in the dark and anywhere you decide to go! Perfect for the beach or in a tropic paradise with palm trees, I used the Essie Neon collection with the colors listed below and in the tutorial. I love the neon polish that almost could go green or yellow Tutorial! Share it on links below! This design can be a nail art for beginners tutorial or it can be for career professional nail techs who want to get education in hand painted free hand nail art! So show your nail tech, your friends, your family and your school instructors. You DO NOT have to spend tons of money to get beautiful nails. The colors I use can ALL be substituted with cheap wetnwild colors, they can be thinned down with clear topcoat and they can be used and worn by anyone to make them feel beautiful and also learn the joy of painting nails. Other channels paint themselves, I paint my actual clients in my actual nail shop to earn my living and I will teach you how to support your family and have fun, so subscribe and join me for new tutorials every monday, wednesday and friday, britches!

love, robin moses
essie neons: a gift to me FROM ESSIE, can you believe that?
@essiepolish #essielove #essiepolish #essie

Neon Yellow: stencil me in
Orange Neon: mark on miami
Pink Neon: gallery gal
Holographic glitter: inaz cosmetics on facebook
black and white polish: wetnwild
black acrylic paint: apple barrel craft paint
title: brushinfo!!! ill send you all the details!!!

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