Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Fierce Happy Birthday Diva Nails! A Special JUICY is Boss Nail Art Design Tutorial

Happy Birthday Diva Nails! A Special JUICY Nail Art Design Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here: HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUICY!! Sorry you can't celebrate diva style because you are pregnant! haha! A huge thank you to @Madam_glam for all of the swag. I will be giving it away when I have time to have a giveaway but not until I have showed you my favorites! haha! This design is inspired by the video "I'm Different" 2chainz  outfit or what I call his: trap suit. I am a huge fan, I am most comfortable in my profession doing Diva nails. I love this gold, black and white animal print done on long white nails and geometric stripes using my striping brush (find link to get your own below!) Please know that if you just beginning nail art or if you are a nail professional that just wants more education in Nail Design, I am here to teach you the truth, do it in an inexpensive way and I won't try and sell you ANYTHING I don't feel you need. I believe your career should be fun and bring you in the money you need to support your family and you don't have to follow the trends and buy all of the expensive divalicious baubles until you have gained a happy clientele and feel you want to keep adding to your hand painted nail art career. So I hope you like this fun and insanely fierce long nail tutorial that I put up that just shows us having fun mostly! Try them and show me! Share your rendition with me at links below!

for brush info email me with the title: brushinfo at
products used: mac gold pigment
white wetnwild polish
@Madam_Glam: holo mirror polish
black wetnwild polish
gold acrylic craft paint by folk art
black acrylic paint by apple barrel
gold foil on ebay, any brand (cheap)
foil glue: ebay (any brand)
gold glitter by inaz cosmetics on facebook

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