Friday, August 26, 2016

Lush Holographic Glitter Nail with Pastel Gradient and Henna Accent Nails Design

DIY Holo Glitter Nails | Gradient Lush Diva Henna Nail Art Design Tutorial

Subscribe to my channel here:  for NEW art every Monday, Wednesday and Friday! In this lavender and pink gradient or shaded ombre Nail Design, juicy wears both a cut out chevron french in two tones of peachy pinks and has a henna accent nail with hints of holographic glitter throughout lots of little diamonds. The polish was from @madam_Glam and very highly pigmented. This look is fierce and so lush. The best part is the HOLO glitter nail that is done with the buffed liquid glass chrome technique done with polish. No gel for a glam strobe like effect that is perfect for the chrome nail, metallic nail art and make up movement that is the rage, the Metal Nail Art Craze and the Glam trend du jour! I love this design and I hope you do too. If you are doing nail art for beginners or if you are an advanced career tech who wants to further their education for a career including hand painted nail art, this design is boss. The holo glitter really makes this design pop and you can find this glitter at rite aide right now! If you try this design, show me in the links below!

If you need brushes, email me! I ship international! title: BRUSH INFO! and ill hook you up!

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