Tuesday, March 15, 2011

amazing things in 3's or 4's...if 4 is your thing ;) . just something i want to ramble about.

i am still not used to having a blog...lol

i have had so many awesome responses and wonderful people coming into my life and it makes me wish i would have had the courage to start this sooner. trying to learn the internet and youtube has proven to be--fantastically frusterating! hahahahah...but, hopefully my videos will be getting better and better...i want to say a few things today.......

i will be featured in NAILS magazine in April for my artwork. nails magazine has always been kind to me. many times it was i who was not ready for them, but they have always supported my art and my journey. i <3 nails magazine. the article will feature my paintings in april, but also i will have designs in both the june and july editions of the magazine as well. i am very excited to begin filming my art and adding that chapter into my youtube channel....i really cant wait to show my paintings and talk about them in more detail.

also....i am so very excited to be working with the maker of "the best glue ever" exclusively. she is not paying me, but instead....we are just working together to create the best system ever for foiling on nails and branch it out to fit the needs of those who want to follow my system of nail art........ for years (decades) i have been AVIDLY looking for her glue and she has spent years creating it.....so upon meeting her, needless to say......i was absolutely thrilled and overwhelmed at the fact that SHE EXISTS!!!!! AND i CAN FINALLY create what i have never been able to create before. words cannot express how much energy i have put into finding the perfect application for foiling and i believe it will revolutionize how we perceive nail art. anyone you see foiling and taking credit, please tag me in there somewhere...i encourage all art, but i want my name in there!!!!----- that all young girls who want to learn will be led to the SOURCE is very important to me. i have spent a lifetime doing nail art so that someday i could teach to young girls. i am very serious about that. my aim is to teach those who do not have a lot of money a craft that will serve them throughout their lives. i am not here to pose in front of my art and scream about how awesome i am, i just want to be the biggest nail art teacher in the world. that is my goal and i believe if i am given credit, the great artists will have more than enough viewers and as a teacher, i will have reached the planes i have set out to reach. i need your help in making this happen and i know the people i am attracting are making that happen :)

thank you.....(which leads to my next 2 wonderful things)

this was written about me...........and it made me so happy that i had to share it.

first..i have a FAN CLUB IN GREECE!!!!! now---- how cool is that?!?!?! people of my blog from everywhere and greece, check this out!!!!


i have a sneaking suspicion i will retire in greece, so to see this made by Xristina T. made me so happy :) thank you xristina so so so much :)

and this::::i read this today :):)

J.N. Just became FB friends w/ Robin Moses. She is THE shining star of YouTube nail artists.
She's super casual & not pretentious, though she has the right to be.
Plus, she did a set of Shane Dawson & a set of Petrilude nails which made me get all kinds of fan girl crazy.
Please check her out. I dare you to doubt her awesomeness.
The video th...at started my obsession: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4TbbB

now i know there have been more things that others have added me to, and i would love to add them but i am just learning how to do that stuff now!!! lololol.....so, that is why this is my first post on it...if you have cool links about my art or where you have seen it, i would love to see, so copy and paste it in the comments and i will try and add it here and make this a thread of awesomeness that is leading me to my goals......much love and thanks......i am humbled and so grateful to you guys.......i will make as much high quality art as much as i can as long as i can and i hope you have as much fun watching as i have making it :)

my love.