Friday, March 18, 2011

ROBIN MOSES' ARTWORK ON CANVAS, NAILS MAGAZINE April, 2011 (and documented proof of licenses dating back to 1989)

my art made it into nails magazine. the article was so beautifully edited and wonderful to see.

of course, as soon as it shows, someone starts a vicious rumor about me trying to swindle all REAL NAIL TECHS WITH MY SWARTHY UNDERHANDED HORRIBLE SELF that i am!!!! hahahaah
so below are pictures to ensure you that i have been licensed forever and would never have the energy or the time to sit around and illegally make nail art videos so i can pass them off for real....when it only takes 500 hours (TOPS) to get a license....i have dedicated more hours to my videos than that in the last 4 months........however, the trolls troll, thats what they do.

here are pictures to "nip"<--hahah----- all gossip in the bud :)

too funny! :):) love and light!