Friday, March 18, 2011

ROBIN MOSES' ARTWORK ON CANVAS, NAILS MAGAZINE April, 2011 (and documented proof of licenses dating back to 1989)

my art made it into nails magazine. the article was so beautifully edited and wonderful to see.

of course, as soon as it shows, someone starts a vicious rumor about me trying to swindle all REAL NAIL TECHS WITH MY SWARTHY UNDERHANDED HORRIBLE SELF that i am!!!! hahahaah
so below are pictures to ensure you that i have been licensed forever and would never have the energy or the time to sit around and illegally make nail art videos so i can pass them off for real....when it only takes 500 hours (TOPS) to get a license....i have dedicated more hours to my videos than that in the last 4 months........however, the trolls troll, thats what they do.

here are pictures to "nip"<--hahah----- all gossip in the bud :)

too funny! :):) love and light!


  1. Wow... bitter commenter is bitter. Honestly, I wouldn't care if you worked out of a cardboard box on the corner of C and Sesame Street and the only license you had was a drivers license; I'd totally be honored to get my nails did by you :D Your nail art is amazing and so is your mixed media stuff.

    I'll never understand why some people feel the need to bring others down.

    Congrats on the article! And thanks for all the lovely tutorials.

  2. thank you so much!!!!!! i feel the same...but nothing shuts up a bitter commenter faster than proof and documentation and i proudly say i have been doing this my whole life and am dedicating myself to teaching the next generation after me.................


    and that rumor will start and end with that ugly person!!!!!!


  3. YAYYY!! Congrats! That's awesome to hear! :) :) :)

  4. OMG! Congrats Robin! :)

    When you're going places, there will always be people who will try to pull you down. Just don't mind them. I read the feature about you and it is absolutely awesome! Thank you for sharing with us your amazing talent.

  5. that's very exciting! congrats!!!!

    i don't care if you're certified or not. your nail art is AMAZING!

  6. i just read the article and i didn't realized you also painted. your canvas art is really nice, especially the last one featured in the article.

  7. BIG Congratulations on the Magazine feature totally deserve it. Lovely pic of you look goregous!!!! Fantastic artwork of course. I couldnt help putting a comment on their....hehe!!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent :o))))) xxxx

  8. I love all your art! I read the hater comments and I think its funny how people want to bring someone down. Can we say jealosy? I think you are awesome, not everyone can do that on a nail! The techniques you use are awesome like the Foil Glue!

  9. congratulations!!! you deserve it, ppl who hate you are just butthurt, i love your nail designs, keep being awesome <3

  10. I gotta comment....... UNDERHANDED? Now seriously. Don't you have to be UNDER a hand to do nail work? Underhanded isn't so bad if you look at it that way right? I would let be you be under my hand if I could walk away saying "neener neener neener, I got my nails done by THE Robin Moses and you didn't" I would walk away with my head held high and my nails out for all to see. :-) Forget them! You my dear are the bomb! Aka angelsandfaes

  11. Magnificent is the word that comes to mind upon seeing your canvasses. It really struck me when I learned you do multi-media. Layer upon layer on canvas and on nails! That's what amazes me in your videos. I first see a slather of colour and you see the skull beneath the tendons beneath the flesh. You amaze me every time.

    Interesting that time adds its own layers upon you and you become more beautiful with each passing year.

    You took the perfect response to the hateful ones. I always say, "Why should I care about the opinions of someone I don't respect."

  12. hi robin your magnificent artist... you inspired me on starting to paint, im not a painter but i do love art. im trying to paint and get an idea and technique from your work. when i saw your work i got inspired of doing something. For those who pulling you down heres i could say jealousy can kills! more power... and thanks for sharing your talent for free :) god bless you